Petit St Vincent (PSV)

Robin and business partner Phil Stephensen purchased the 115-acre private island in 2010. They embarked on a 12-month renovation project redeveloping the island into a 5* resort, receiving widespread acclaim in the travel press.

Robin based himself ‘on-island’ and led the project; ten years on he remains actively involved as a Shareholder/Director, and is still enjoying the island experience.

“I first discovered PSV while sailing with my family in 2004 and was deeply affected by its natural beauty and potential. I subsequently grabbed every opportunity over many years to re-visit and learn of her history and spirit directly from the owners. When the opportunity arose to buy the island, I was fortunate to find a like-minded fellow sailing enthusiast to invest with me. I then spent the best part of a year with my family on the island overseeing the refurbishment and fell more in love with the unplugged ethos each day. I have never met anyone who has stayed on PSV without hankering to return. A truly emotive and special place.”
~ Robin