The Treetop Spa, Petit St. Vincent

The newly created Treetop Spa at Petit St. Vincent offers an imposing central reception and four treatment rooms, nestled on Marni Hill and overlooking the waters towards Petite Martinique. This too is built from local driftwood, coconut trees and other natural woods with a local grass for thatching. Shell curtains in the reception area and also on the relaxation deck offer privacy whilst complimenting the naturalistic appearance of the islands architecture and interiors. Open to the trade winds or closed with air conditioning depending on guest preference, the timber treatment rooms have private outdoor showers and are discreetly located within the trees either side of the reception. A team of Balinese and Caribbean therapists mix traditional Indonesian spa culture, which has been fine-tuned over many centuries, with the relaxing Caribbean essence of warmth and tranquillity. A variety of therapies, including those using specially prepared aromatherapy oils and body scrubs containing local herbs, spices and aromatic plants, are offered at the Spa.